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APAC firms have "universal understanding" that digitization is crucial to growth

16/12/2015 by


There is now an almost "universal understanding" within organisations that all departments need to identify ways they can transform their practices through digitization, according to Hitachi Data Systems.

The data-storage provider says it's no longer just CIOs who are calling for digital change, with leaders across all functions recognising the importance of digitization.

As such, Hitachi Data Systems predicts that 2016 will see Asia-Pacific enterprises of all shapes and sizes experience major digital transformation as they strive to improve a host of key tech and non-tech functions.

Adrian De Luca, chief technology officer of Hitachi Data Systems Asia Pacific, didn't stop there in his predictions for 2016. He says that companies will become more in-tune with how to appeal to the best young talent as they look to address the IT skills shortage in the region.

"The working practices of 'Gen Z' workers are vastly different from those before them," he explained. "They are driven more by their contribution to society than the logo of the company they work for."

Amongst De Luca's other predictions, he believes that smart companies will act as the catalysts for making smart cities a reality, stressing that it's within both the interests of governments and private firms to develop smart cities.

He also predicts that firms will embrace multicloud in order to realize the potential of the emerging Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a trade agreement the United States is negotiating with 11 other countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region which is set to unleash new economic growth among countries involved.

De Luca said: "This opening up of the market will have an impact on how businesses consume cloud and expand the options that they have today.

"With as many as 70% of organizations either using or evaluating hybrid clouds nowadays, as well as provisions in the TPP to protect offshore data and avoid electronic duties, creating a multicloud across continental borders to allow businesses to expand becomes viable."


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