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Recruitment of women to major tech companies grows 238%

26/11/2015 by


It's no secret that technology is a male-dominated sector, but women are making more and more inroads into the industry. A recent infographic from Coupofy setting out the key developments based on 30 trusted data sources gives the full picture.

One in five tech start-ups around the world is founded by a woman. The top five cities with high rates of woman-led start-ups are all in North America, but Tel Aviv (20%), Singapore (19%), Kuala Lumpur (19%) and London (18%) are not far behind.

The world's eight largest tech companies are hiring women 238% faster than men, helping to make the industry more balanced. The sector is still heavily weighted towards male workers, though; at the eight top companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook at least three quarters of tech staff are male.

There has been 43% growth in female chief information officers (CIOs) at Fortune 500 companies between 2012 and 2014, although this has raised the proportion of female CIOs to just 17.4%. Six of the top Fortune 15 companies have female CIOs, including Ford, Walmart and AT&T.

Women now represent 7% of the richest tech billionaires. Examples of female tech billionaires include Denise Coates, founder and joint CEO of bet365 in the UK, who is worth $2.9bn; Zhou Qunfei, founder of Lens in Hong Kong, who is worth $7.5bn; and Meg Whitman, the Canadian CEO of HP who is worth $2.2bn.

Recruitment is not the only factor affecting the levels of women in the tech sector; retention is also a major issue. A full 56% of women in tech positions leave mid-career, with 30% citing working conditions, 27% work-life balance, 22% lack of engagement and 17% disliking the company environment or culture. Only around one third of women who leave go on to another tech role.


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