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Du sets sights on UAE's growing innovation and knowledge economy

24/11/2015 by Julian Frankum


Dubai-based telecom group du is using UAE Innovation Week, which began on Sunday (November 22), to showcase simplified solutions that add value to customers' lives by bringing innovation to them through a variety of touchpoints.

"At du we have long held the view that innovation thrives in a collaborative environment; hence we are thrilled to be a contributor to innovation in the UAE," said Carlos Domingo, senior executive officer, new businesses & innovation, du.

He added how the move into the field of innovation shows how du is prepared to diversify away from being solely a telecoms providers and become a lifestyle partner.

Domingo says that the firm is enabling a smart lifestyle by collaborating with the UAE government, thus providing them with "the infrastructure upon which innovation can flourish".

"During Innovation Week, we are bringing our latest offerings to the public so that they can have a first-hand experience of how our innovations will add life to life," he continued.

Du's comments on innovation coincide with President Sheikh Khalifa's detailing the government's National Innovation Strategy – a seven-year plan that aims to stimulate innovation in seven sectors: renewable energy, transportation, education, health, technology, water, and space.

The plan, worth more than Dh300 billion, will see the UAE establish "a solid future for coming generations away from the fluctuation of energy prices and markets," said Khalifa.

"The UAE has set its course for a post-oil world through investing in the development of our people in the fields of science and advanced technology," he added.

Khalifa believes the policy is a "turning point" in the country's journey to develop the UAE economically and socially, stressing that creating sustainable wealth for the coming generation will depend on science, knowledge, technology and innovation.



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