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APAC firms urged to empower marketers to facilitate digital transformation

17/11/2015 by


Organisational decision makers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region have been urged to hand the reins over to marketers when attempting a digital transformation.

Adobe came to the conclusion that firms would benefit from having marketers helm business transformation to digital after finding that one in three (31%) Singapore marketers struggle to connect functional silos across their organisation.

Adobe's annual APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard also revealed that all countries across the region report very low levels (9%) when it comes to organisational culture that is dedicated to a unified, dynamic customer experience powered by creative content and digital experiences.

That's not say that businesses are ignorant to the power of digital marketing, with digital dependency found to be driving adoption of digital marketing at 73% in Singapore.

However, it seems that business leaders in Singapore are not yet convinced enough about digital to commit to a highly evolved creative engine fuelled by an organisation-wide, unified vision.

As such, 17% of Singapore marketers report they archive data but do nothing with it – an increase of 2% since 2014, suggesting businesses' use of data is getting worse not better.

Stephen Hamill, managing director of Adobe South East Asia, said that while businesses rightly see digital marketing as a channel to engage audiences, only by incorporating unified digital customer experiences across all touchpoints will they begin to maximise the return on investment from digital.

"The lack of a unified creative vision, and an unaligned organizational culture, are both huge obstacles which marketers need to overcome," he said.

"Hence, the role of marketers moving forward is to lead a paradigm shift in their organizations to enable the delivery a unified customer experience. In essence, we're saying that marketers need to helm business transformation to digital."


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