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Smart is "happening now", says du

13/10/2015 by Andrew Shafer


Dubai-based telecoms company du says the UAE has reached an "inflection point" where smart is becoming a reality – but further progress depends on the innovation and deployment of connectivity solutions.

Du, which is one of only two operators in the UAE alongside Etisalat, released a statement around the notion that "smart is no longer a vision, it is a mission", ahead of an appearance at the upcoming GITEX Technology Week 2015.

The event, to take place from October 18 to 22 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, will see du present its stand, 'Smart: Happening Now', and highlight how its innovative information and communications technology solutions and partnerships are creating a smart environment.

Over the last two years du has showcased a vision of the smart future, the statement read. Continuing in this vein, du is reinforcing its commitment to innovation by bringing a host of products and solutions that are empowering smart life, smart business and smart government.

Du will allow visitors to get hands-on with real solutions which are being deployed to the market. It said it has been working "relentlessly" to diversify its offerings – the results of which will be put on display at GITEX.

"The future is now, and it's extremely exciting," said Osman Sultan, chief executive officer, du. "For the last couple of years we have been talking about our vision, now it's time for us to put our words into actions. Smart is all around us, and it is happening now."

The next question in terms of smart technology surrounds reliability, which du believes will come from two sources: a strong, state-of-the-art network infrastructure, and the security capabilities required to protect connected community assets.

In tandem with these is the implementation of solutions that enable communities to interact with their connected environment, the firm adds.


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