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Cybercriminals increasingly looking to Asia Pacific

8/10/2015 by James Kavanagh


Hackers are no longer concentrating their efforts on Europe and the US, with Malaysia and other countries in the Asia Pacific facing risks of cyber threats that are above the global average, according to a report by FireEye.

In its "Regional Advanced Threat Report: Asia Pacific 1H 2015", FireEye noted a sharp increase in exposure to advanced persistent threats (APT) in Asia, where the exposure rate is more than 50% higher in at least seven countries compared to the global average.

The report said the increased threat has been highlighted by several major cyber security incidents in the region, including China's attack tool, dubbed the 'Great Cannon', which is used to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks on websites by intercepting massive amounts of web traffic and redirecting them to targeted websites.

FireEye's data for the first half of the year showed that Malaysian organisations have a one in three (33%) chance of encountering APTs, which is on a par with the regional average, but well above the global average of 20%.

However, other Asian countries are at an even greater risk of APTs, such as India (38%) the Philippines (39%), South Korea (39%), Thailand (40%), Taiwan (48%) and Hong Kong (50%).

Thailand has experienced the sharpest increase in threat, which is now twice as likely to face APTs compared to the global average, up from last year when its exposure was below the global average.

The nation also now sits among the top five countries in the Asia Pacific for the highest numbers of cases of malicious exploits/downloads and command-and-control (CnC) infection callbacks.

In terms of industries, the high-tech sector had the highest reported number of malicious exploits/downloads cases, followed by financial services, government (federal), service providers, education, telecommunications, services/consulting, energy/utilities, government (state and local) and entertainment/media/hospitality.



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