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World's first fully E2E VoLTE international call is realised

1/09/2015 by


A global wholesale carrier for voice, mobile data and capacity services claims it has made the world's first fully end-to-end voice over LTE (VoLTE) international call between Europe and Asia.

BICS, the international wholesale arm of Belgian operator Proximus, which orchestrated the international VoLTE call, said it was made possible thanks to an IPX VoLTE hub upgrade on its IPX network.

VoLTE is regarded by the industry as the highest quality HD voice service, while low-frequency LTE spectrum usage ensures network efficiency and reduced operational expenditure for the mobile operators.

Korean operator SK Telecom, which facilitated the call alongside Proximus, said new voice innovations such as international VoLTE are crucial to improving the customer experience and will shape mobile operators' business strategies in the near future.

"SK Telecom prides itself on pushing the boundaries of innovation and this latest announcement further enhances our position as the service leader in the Republic of Korea," said SK Telecom's head of network technology R&D, Jin-Hyo Park.

"International VoLTE provides the best in class voice quality demanded by customers already enjoying the service domestically."

However, the comments are somewhat at odds with those put forward by Dutch operator KPN, which claims that VoLTE could result in periodic flashes of traffic which can't be sufficiently managed by the signalling network.

KPN suggests this will detract from the user experience and the quality of service – the very things Park says will improve with VoLTE.

The director of services platform and cloud at Proximus, Laurent Claus, does not share KPN's opinion, however, stressing that exceptional quality of experience to customers is of "paramount importance" to the firm.

"The BICS platform enables us to offer services at the highest standards while keeping running costs and bandwidth demands low," he explained.


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