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Smart City "the next big milestone" for Malaysia, says Huawei

24/09/2015 by James Kavanagh


When Huawei Malaysia launched its Smart City solutions earlier in the year, it said the nation had the potential to be a "bellwether" in sustainable smart country initiatives within the South East Asian Nations region. Now, it is intent on making that happen, signing a so-called 'Notes of Understanding' with Melaka ICT Holding with the purpose of realising the government's Smart City initiative, Digital News Asia reports.

In announcing the partnership, Huawei said it was vital that innovative ICT infrastructure was put in place to facilitate the "digital restructuring of industries and the long-term, sustainable development of a Better Connected Smart Country".

"Smart City is set to be the next big milestone in Malaysia's digital infrastructure development after the successful High Speed Broadband project," declared Huawei Malaysia's chief executive officer, Abraham Liu.

"We are proud to have been at the centre of this transformation, partnering with public and private sectors along the way. Our commitment to Malaysia's digital infrastructure and nation building initiatives continues to grow, as indicated by today's announcement."

Liu suggested the Smart City revolution will have a positive impact on public services and citizens' safety, adding that a strong focus on "digital inclusion" gives Malaysia an advantage over other nations in becoming a sustainable smart country.

Meanwhile, Melaka ICT Holding deputy chairman Wizan Abdul Ghani said his firm was proud to do its bit as the nation gears up for Smart City efforts.

"The Smart City initiative is part of the bigger technology infrastructure and economic development blueprint in Malaysia," he explained.


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