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Singapore's emergence as Asia's data centre hub

16/09/2015 by


Singapore has come a long way in only a decade. Visitors to the island-republic ten years ago saw a country packed with potential, but few signs that it was to become the hub for aviation and travel, financial services, and most recently data centres, that it is today.

To try and gain an insight into why Singapore has emerged as something of a prime location for data centres, Digital News Asia attended Singapore Data Centre Week 2015, which saw some of the industry's leading experts offering their thoughts.

Aaron Rasmussen, director of DCaaS (Datacentre-as-a-Service) operations at IO, suggests that Singapore's geographical location within Asia has a lot to do with its top billing in the data centre market in Asia.

"We have the benefit of a key strategic geographic location with world-leading connectivity, and a low risk of natural disasters," Rasmussen told the online publication.

The Lion City is also said to have benefited from the 'Hub and Spoke' model of data management, which allows the database to reside within the country of the company using the database, while the data centre hub powers the application.

"So many people are moving to a cloud environment, and the IT folks who have to support this have to follow a strict regimen of where the data is stored – and it will have to be centralised within key locations," Rasmussen explained.

As such, Singapore is only likely to continue to assert itself as a hub for data centres, according to Zeena Saleem, market director for IO in Singapore.

She points to trends such as mobility, the Internet of Things, and the digitalisation of business as reasons for why it will go from strength to strength – with the trends likely to be crucial to facilitating the Singaporean government's Smart Nation vision.

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