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Samsung looks to 'ignite' smarthome IoT market

7/09/2015 by James Kavanagh


The smarthome Internet of Things (IoT) market has been promising to leap into life for some time now – and Samsung's new hub for smarthome devices could act as the spark to make it happen.

Following Samsung's acquisition of the IoT company SmartThings in April last year, the Korean firm has wasted no time in getting its first IoT offering to market, with the device available in the UK from 10 September, the Guardian reports.

Its Hub will securely unite sensors from a range of SmartThings-branded devices as well as other products from Samsung and accessories from Bose, Philips, Honeywell, Yale, LIFX, Aeon and others.

Samsung's president of UK and Ireland, Andy Griffiths, claims the Hub has been built with "bank-level security", with privacy one of the inevitable concerns when putting data into the cloud.

The starter pack version of the Hub will comprise a door closer sensor, a motion sensor, a presence sensor and a power outlet switch for turning something else on and off – while users will be able to pay for more advanced features, such as a moisture sensor.

Griffiths explained that a key consideration when creating the Hub was ensuring it can talk to devices made by manufacturers other than Samsung and SmartThings.

"We have a different philosophy for our IoT vision, not hidden behind a walled garden, but open and interoperable with many devices," he said.

The system will be operated by a SmartThings app, which will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, making it accessible to early adopters regardless of what platform they are using.

Griffiths claims the Hub marks the start of a "whole IoT era", adding that it will "increasingly become the norm in the next three to five years". In fact, Samsung is so confident in the potential of the IoT that it has pledged to make 100% of its devices internet connected within five years.


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