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Du lays foundations for IoT network in Dubai

21/09/2015 by Julian Frankum


The United Arab Emirates is a step closer to being able to boast its first true Internet of Things (IoT) network after the country's second-largest operator du carried out tests to confirm capability.

Du has made clear its intentions to deploy IoT projects in the not-so-distant future, with the telco beginning to fulfil those ambitions by testing a new breed of 'sensor-friendly network' to establish the smart city ecosystem in the country.

The telco suggested it has been encouraged by the initial tests with the network said to be capable of relaying data nationwide, enabling smarter management of a wide range of city resources such as smart street lighting, waste management and parking.

It has given du the confidence to set a date of the first quarter of 2016 to finish the first phase of the revolutionary IoT network in Dubai – but it won't be just the UAE's most populous city that will benefit, since the firm plans to complete the countrywide project by the year end.

"Dubai is our home and we want to lead its transition to become a better, smarter city for all to enjoy. We will not stop in Dubai, our deployment will continue countrywide throughout the UAE," said Carlos Domingo, the operator's new business and innovation senior executive officer.

Domingo illustrated the scale of the new development by highlighting how the existing networks are not designed to transmit data between millions of sensors across large areas. The IoT, however, is considered both cost and energy efficient, as it requires a low power consumption, long range network which prolongs the battery life of sensors.


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