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Singapore's cloud computing market has untapped potential, says IDA

26/08/2015 by


The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore wants the country to cement its reputation as leaders in cloud technology adoption in the Asia-Pacific and is encouraging firms to capitalise on the benefits provided by cloud computing solutions.

As Channel NewsAsia reports, the IDA sees cloud computing as a crucial part of Singapore's Smart Nation plan, a view supported by the launch of a Cloud Service Provider Registry to provide enterprises with some clarity on what different providers offer.

It was hoped that this would create more transparency in the cloud industry and encourage adoption, but older companies are taking longer to be convinced.

One firm that has decided to get on board, however, is Dynasty Travel, which has recently decided to migrate its email service to the cloud, meaning employees can respond to customers on the go.

The travel agency says it has seen productivity increase by 40%, while adoption has also allowed the firm to drive down its costs as it no longer needs to "maintain the servers [or] buy licences for the software."

Mayur Sahni, senior research manager of the cloud research group at IDC Asia Pacific, said mid-market companies are proving hardest to convince about cloud computing, as they "do not have to be at the bleeding edge of technology."

He explained: "Those companies, what we see is them taking a piecemeal approach. They are at more of the ad-hoc, opportunistic stage in terms of their maturity of adoption."

Despite this resistance, the cloud computing market in Singapore is forecast to grow to by around US$1 billion (S$1.4 billion) by 2017, according to IDC. 


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