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APAC firms embracing the "cloud-first" philosophy

24/08/2015 by Jeremy Hopwood


Enterprises in the APAC region appear to have found a winning formula for managing the hundreds of applications being deployed in their business: hybrid IT.

F5 Networks' 'The State of Application Delivery in APAC 2015' survey provides some insight into the extent to which organisations are embracing cloud technology, with the report concluding that firms in the region have begun to adopt the "cloud-first" philosophy.

This will be music to the ears of those players in the cloud technology market, with 45% of the 3,200 IT decisions makers questioned open to moving up to a quarter of their applications to the cloud by 2016.

In fact, just as many respondents said they were looking to move between 25 to 50% of their applications online.

The survey suggests that a reason for the shift towards cloud solutions is the sheer number of applications APAC companies are required to manage, with one in ten respondents saying their organisation boasts more than 3,000 applications.

"As applications continue to be a critical part of the business strategy, organisations are seeking the same confidence level in cloud deployments that they've seen in the data centre," said Emmanuel Bonnassie, senior vice president, Asia Pacific, F5 Networks.

He explained that every industry is united in using applications to improve customer engagement, employee productivity and revenue, highlighting how the research suggests that mobile applications and big data analytics are more important trends than the Internet of Things in the eyes of firms.

"These findings suggest a growing hybrid environment across the region, with a mix of on-premise and off-premise solutions increasingly being adopted by enterprises," Bonnassie added.

F5 Networks' report also looked into why businesses have been slow to adopt hybrid clouds – 29% of organisations attributed it to the failure to identify a comprehensive identity and access management policy, while 35% put it down to a lack of internal knowledge.


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