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Europe the fastest growing region for M2M and IoT

9/07/2015 by


Almost a third of European businesses are now running live machine-to-machine (M2M) connections on their network, according to research from Vodafone.

As reports, 31% of the Europe-based firms quizzed by Vodafone said that they have sought to incorporate M2M into their operations, up from 21% the year before.

Europe's 48% growth in the number of connections year-on-year is, in part, the result of the German government's "Industry 4.0" initiatives, Vodafone said at the launch of its 2015 M2M Barometer.

The telco's global director of M2M, Erik Brenneis, used the automotive industry as an example of a sector that has begun to see the benefits of adopting M2M technologies.

"M2M was definitely active ten years ago," he told

"[However,] the cost overall has come down dramatically; a module now costs $5, which five years ago would have cost $30-40. As such, business cases which would not have been profitable in the past are now."

With Vodafone's figures suggesting Europe is the world's fastest growing region for M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) connections, Brenneis revealed his company is actively looking to capitalise on increasing M2M implementation.

Although Vodafone's M2M division only represents 2% of its overall revenue, it is the "single fastest growing area" for the telco, with 25% revenue growth, Brenneis explained.

He added that clients have also started to sit up and take notice of M2M, with C-suite individuals now getting involved in discussions about what it can offer – which is acting as the basis for prosperous relationships.

"We've formed many fantastic partnerships where we've connected their products," Brenneis said.

"Then off the back of that, we've received their mobility business, which can be tens of thousands more connections, which can often be more valuable than just the M2M business in itself."



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