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UAE Can Become Big Data Hub, Experts Claim

15/06/2015 by Mike Thorpe


Data has the potential to "make life easier" and make people happier, according to experts at Dubai's 'The Dig Data Show 2015'.

As regional newspaper the Khaleej Times reports, the bold claims supported the case that the Middle East could become a hub for dig data technologies.

There is a firm belief that the forward-thinking nature of the Dubai Government makes the region a prime location for innovation, with dig data seen by many as "the future".

Mohammed Abdullah Al Zaffin, IT director of Dubai Municipality, was quick to bring to the conference attendees' attention the work it is already doing in respect to big data.

He said: "Our goal is to make everybody happy in the city, and we have already established an open data committee to boost efficiency. At the government level we are building platforms that will be available for the public, government and private sector. The future is where you involve everybody."

Meanwhile, Isha Aljassmy, IT director of the UAE Ministry of Energy, highlighted how her government department has already completed a successful trial run of a project which saw the ministry collaborate with all the petrol station companies in the UAE to develop an app that allows users to access data on petrol stations in the UAE on their smartphones.

By utilising the GPS in their smartphone, users can locate the nearest petrol station and see an overview of what services they offer, Aljassmy explained. She added that the information on the petrol stations is regularly updated to ensure that users are not armed with out-of-date material.

Pedro Pereira, head of big data at SAP Mena, explained what it is that makes the UAE such an attractive proposition for innovation.

He said: "[The government] have innovation in their heart, so the traction that we have in the region now to adopt innovation, especially here in Dubai where they are very much committed to the smart city initiatives, is something that you will not find anywhere else.

Pereira concluded by stressing that the region is "ready for big data", with the visionary leadership of the UAE allowing for it to fulfil its potential.


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