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Dubai's Digital Organisations Told To Up Their Cyber Security Efforts

18/05/2015 by Julian Frankum


CIOs, CTOs and IT managers in Dubai have been urged to ramp up their cyber security efforts in light of the new opportunities presented to hackers by the digital transformation, Zawya reports.

Speaking at the 3rd Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference (GISEC), IT security experts emphasised the importance of crisis management strategies, suggesting there is no definitive way of defending against the increasing threat of sophisticated cyberattacks.

Bruce Schneier, one of the keynote speakers at GISEC, said the IT security industry is somewhat playing catch-up to cybercriminals, who are using vulnerabilities in software and systems as a means to find route into an organisation's digital network.

With that, Dan Lohrmann, ex-chief security officer for the State of Michigan in the USA, said companies should set about creating a comprehensive "cyberdisruption" strategy, with the following four goals in mind: an improved situational awareness, creation of specific response and recovery plans, training of key staff, and the conduct of thorough risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities.

Wael El Kabbany, vice president of BT in the Middle East and North Africa, commented that the world is going through an "unprecedented transformation of IT environments", of which Dubai is at the forefront – before cautioning that with it comes "rapidly evolving security threats".

Meanwhile, Peter Clay, chief information security officer at Invotas, laid out just why hackers are so unrelenting in their efforts, despite increased defensive action.

"The profits made by cybercriminals have already surpassed the international drug trade," he said. "It is therefore mandatory to unify your intelligence and defence, as well as organise your governance, tools, people and data in a single group that can detect, take action, eradicate and report on the threats. This is the best solution to improve your cybersecurity programme today."


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