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EE Unveils 'Seamless' Wi-Fi Calling Service

8/04/2015 by Jay Siddiki


Mobile signal dead spots have long plagued users, but British operator EE believes it has found a solution to the problem in the form of Wi-Fi enabled calls.

As BBC News reports, the technology effectively uses Wi-Fi to boost mobile coverage by automatically switching to Wi-Fi where it is available, ensuring the call has a more stable connection.

EE believes the new service will play into the hands of those people who fail to get a connection or experience dropped calls in their homes and offices, where a reliable Wi-Fi connection can supersede patchy mobile coverage.

There are similar services available via other networks, but EE claims its Wi-Fi Calling service is superior as it doesn't require users to download an app to use it. As such, EE customers are not required to do anything to switch between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi, thus making it "seamless", the network claims.

However, EE's Wi-Fi Calling facility will initially only be available on a limited number of devices, and only pay monthly subscribers will be able to benefit from the service from the outset.

Also, EE's Wi-Fi Calling is not yet capable of switching from one service to another mid-call, meaning that if a caller steps out of a Wi-Fi zone they still run the risk of their call suddenly ending.

Olaf Swantee, EE's chief executive, told the BBC that the operator has been working for more than a year to ensure "everything works like a normal phone connection".

He added: "They (users) want to simply know the network will switch from one technology to the other without customer intervention."

Swantee expects five million people to be able to use the service come the summer, with users able to join the service by simply sending the operator a single text message.


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