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Dubai Aims To Protect Smart City Data With Cyber Shield

27/04/2015 by Julian Frankum


Dubai is to roll out a cyber-security programme in the next couple of months, as it looks to protect the data involved in its 'Smart City' strategy.

As regional newspaper The National reports, police are making the move to make sure the integrity of intellectual property and sensitive data is not compromised by hackers, explained Colonel Khalid Al Razooqi, director general of smart services.

The open data policy, which will see information categorised as public or private, will be launched in June.

Al Razooqi highlighted to attendees of the Safe Cities Briefing Conference why the policy was necessary. He said: "Part of a smart city is open data which will be provided to the private sector and the public, so we have to think of categorising this data – which of it will be open to the public, and how to secure it."

He pointed out that, in the not-too-distant future, one attack might be enough to bring the whole city down, given the sheer number of Wi-Fi sensors that will exist across the city.

With roughly 205 different nationalities in Dubai, the scope for cyber-attacks in the city is said to be extremely broad. Coupled with a 67% increase in new types of malware and smartphones, adequate protection measures become imperative.

"Security is the most important pillar," said Al Razooqi, before highlighting how Dubai plans to connect all government sectors with Wi-Fi.

Bassam Almaharmeh, chief information security officer at the Jordanian ministry of defence, backed up Al Razooqi's message by pointing out how the number of devices connected to the Internet throughout the world is expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020.

"This generates a lot of raw data so it is obvious that data will be the gold of this era," Almaharmeh added.


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