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Finnish Telecom Operators Adjusting to new Act

6/01/2015 by Robert Graham-Bryce


Telecom companies in Finland are having to adjust the nature of their business to fit in with new legislation which is seeking to create more equal telecoms markets in the country, as well as increase consumer rights.

As ZDNet reports, the Information Society Code, which was passed into law at the start of 2015, requires operators to tell their customers about and offer them universal service products "more actively than before".

It's said that by forcing telecoms firms to make greater attempts to offer all products, rather than just the more expensive options, consumers will have a greater knowledge of what packages are available to them.

In a further attempt to bolster consumer protection, the Information Society Code introduces joint liability for telcos and service providers.

This means that when a consumer buys a product or service with their mobile phone and payment is taken by their telecoms provider, for example, the telco will share accountability with the company selling the product or service, in a similar way as when using a credit card.

Should problems with the purchase then arise, the customer has a choice of either company in terms of where they turn for help.

In addition to extending consumers' rights, the legislation simplifies the operating licence procedures and aims to create a more equal market.

As Olli-Pekka Rantala, director of the communications market at the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, explained to ZDNet, with regards to mobile licences, new frequency bands can be distributed via auction without having to obtain a specific law.

In addition, price monitoring of operators which hold "significant market power" is now much easier, Rantala said. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority now has the ability to intervene in pricing and determine a maximum price for a telecoms operator's wholesale products when competition issues arise.


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