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Indosat Rolls Out Super-Fast 4G In Indonesia

4/12/2014 by Jeremy Hopwood


Indosat has launched Indonesia's fastest LTE service, which it says is a response to users craving a faster, higher quality service. 

The Developing Telecoms website reports that its "SUPER 4G-LTE" service offers speeds of up to 185Mbps, and marks the marks the completion of the company's network modernisation program in 23 cities nationwide. 

The program has sought to boost the quality of connection and mobile surfing speeds for its customers, allowing Indonesians to "enjoy the very latest telecommunication technology available in the world," says Indosat's president director and CEO, Alexander Rusli. 

Rusli adds that the development will mean users will be provided with the fastest speeds and stable data service to support all types of communication activities "with increased ease, pace and convenience".

Indosat's digital services strategy is tailored to offer mobile finance, education and e-commerce services and includes significant investment to support a growing app ecosystem.

The Jakarta-based telecoms firm is encouraging the growth of the local content industry through its young developer's incubation program in order to enhance the country's tech ecosystem. 

Dr Nasser Marafih, group CEO, Ooredoo, told the Economic Times that businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of customer experience across all markets. 

"This development means that our Indonesian customers can enjoy the best experience through access to cutting edge technologies, faster browsing speeds and stronger connections," he explained.

"This is particularly important due to the potential social and economic benefits associated with faster, more reliable mobile broadband."


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