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UK CFOs and CIOs Need To Join Forces To Bring The Cloud To Their Organisations

5/08/2014 by Mike Thorpe


Although UK C-Level executives know that embracing the cloud could bring great benefits to their organisation, many aren't using it to the fullest and rely on their current technology setup instead, says Bob Welton, regional director Northern Europe at telecommunications company NTT Europe, in an article published by Director Of Finance online. According to him, it's up to CFOs and CIOs to join efforts and change that.

Chief financial officers at many organisations lack the steady arguments that can justify making a cloud investment, Welton notes. At the same time, in many cases they consider their existing ICT structure an impediment to embracing cloud computing solutions, indicates an independent report commissioned by NTT Europe.

The UK government entertains a vision for the UK to become a global leader in the use of Big Data, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security. To that end, it came out with an Information Economy Strategy and a G-Cloud programme. Together, they are designed to stimulate business innovation.

But in order for the government's vision to come true, the predicament of existing legacy ICT estates needs to be removed. And it is up to CFOs and boards to tackle the issue and implement the right ICT solutions so that their organisations can grow.

Though moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud is not an easy task, there are providers who are ready and willing to help businesses. In Welton's view, the combination of remote infrastructure management and cloud computing will prove the most effective solution for a great number of businesses, creating hybrid architecture.

CIOs can help make this happen by providing CFOs the stable arguments needed to convince an organisation's executives to fund the transition to the cloud. For the cloud holds great opportunities that companies shouldn't miss.


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