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IT Hosting Company Rackspace Launches Enhanced Public Cloud In Hong Kong

3/07/2014 by


US-based IT hosting company Rackspace announced recently that it is bringing Performance Cloud Servers to Hong Kong. As of the end of June 2014, APAC customers can enjoy the speed and reliability of the company's newest cloud server, now available at its Hong Kong data centre.

According to Rackspace, companies in the APAC region have become avid hybrid cloud adopters in their desire to increase application response and scalability, and to expand the scope of workloads running in the cloud.

Performance Cloud Servers allow customers to architect, build, deploy and scale faster. Compared to existing cloud servers, Performance Cloud Servers provide more RAM, more total disk input/output, more total CPU performance, greater network bandwidth and enhanced overall performance. These new servers allow APAC customers, including those from Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Greater China, to innovate faster and benefit from a significant performance boost.

With its combination of hybrid cloud architecture, open source technologies and the support it offers, Rackspace can guide customers through all aspects of their hosted infrastructure.

Regardless of the type of workload a business is running, Performance Cloud Servers are there to help businesses enhance application response and scalability. Ajit Melarkode, managing director for Rackspace Asia Pacific, says in the announcement that Rackspace's new cloud servers are designed to satisfy APAC's need for speed, allowing businesses to deliver faster than ever before. And having a team of specialists at their disposal to manage and operate their cloud, companies can focus on what really matters and what they are best at - running their business. 


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