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HKT Introduces New Mobile Services Brand

17/07/2014 by


Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), the telecom unit of PCCW group, has announced a new mobile service brand called "csl." The brand combines the existing PCCW-HKT mobile offering and CSL's one2free service.

HKT's acquisition of CSL New World Mobility Limited was completed on 14 May and the telco re-acquired its previous mobile brands, HKT Group managing director Alex Arena said. The new csl brand, aiming to deliver a higher level mobile experience, will become the preferred brand for Hong Kong's mobile users, Arena believes.

HKT will adopt a three-brand strategy with csl, alongside the ''1O1O'' brand with its premium quality mobile services and the budget-conscious mobile services of New World Mobility (NWM). The three-brand strategy will allow HKT to address the mobile telecommunication needs of all segments on the Hong Kong market.

HKT, Hong Kong's largest mobile service operator by customer numbers, operates the widest range of mobile spectrum to meet the data needs of its customers. Furthermore, combining HKT and CSL's networks, customers will be able to enjoy the best possible coverage indoors and outdoors.

As part of the integration and re-branding endeavour, HKT also announced simplified mobile service plans covering differing pricing brackets for csl. and 1O1O. Customers will be offered a VoIP app that enables them to make unlimited calls to any Hong Kong phone number, regardless of their location. In addition, customers will have unlimited access to Wi-Fi connectivity and the Octopus mobile payment service.

HKT aims to provide customers with an innovative, superior mobile experience and its csl and 1O1O brands will strive to do just that, Arena concluded.


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