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IT Effectiveness To Become Main Focus Оf Malaysian CIOs

5/06/2014 by Jeremy Hopwood


Malaysian CIOs are set to make IT effectiveness their main focus, shifting their primary concern from IT efficiency, Telecom Asia reports. This was revealed in a recent study commissioned by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and conducted by research firm IDC.

From 2014 onwards, the IT function will be judged based on the successful meeting of business users' demands, instead of the reduction in a business' cost of technology operations, IDC said.

The article quotes Chris Morris, associate vice president of services at IDC Asia-Pacific, who says that the management of a traditional IT department will be changed as CIOs transform into managers of services rather than managers of technology.

The study indicates that most Malaysian organisations are still in the initial phase of cloud service adoption, characterised mostly by ad hoc and opportunistic use of commodity and non-critical cloud services. This is typical of the early stages of cloud adoption, when understanding emerges of how cloud services are used. There remains a focus on the cost control of IT functions rather than on how cloud services have advanced to cater to the needs of businesses.

While a better understanding of cloud usage patterns in other markets will be of help, the way IT in Malaysia is managed will need to further evolve, Morris points out.

The article also features comments by MDeC COO Ng Wan Peng, who says the organisation is working with players and stakeholders from the ICT industry and with government agencies as well, devising ways to bring about a cloud computing revolution in Malaysia.

Stimulating more Malaysian businesses to embrace the cloud will get Malaysia a step closer to becoming a developed digital economy, Peng believe​.


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