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APAC IT Leaders Ahead In Strategic Sourcing, Gartner Survey Shows

22/05/2014 by Jeremy Hopwood


IT leaders from the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region have embraced strategic sourcing, an annual global survey of CIOs by Gartner indicates. According to the results, APJ IT leaders are ahead of the rest of the world as far as mixed or outsourced arrangements are concerned. And this is just the beginning, as 77% of them expect to change their sourcing arrangements in the next three years and embrace strategic sourcing even more fully.

Among the findings of the survey is the increase in conventional IT budgets reported by APJ CIOs. It was estimated, however, that just 65% of IT is funded from the conventional IT budget. The increase in IT budgets reported by APJ IT leaders for 2014 exceeds the global average - 0.9% against 0.2% globally.

The report on the survey's findings included comments from Gartner vice president Andy Rowsell-Jones, who said that the increase in IT budgets, although quite small, will allow APJ IT leaders to take advantage of the digital opportunities coming their way in 2014.

On another note, the Gartner report shows that just 11% of businesses in the Asia Pacific and Japan region have a chief digital officer. This is higher in comparison to the global average of 6%, but still there is a void in digital leadership that needs to be filled and business executives should upgrade their skills if digital opportunities are to be exploited to the fullest, according to Gartner.

The survey points to two goals of APJ CIOs revealed by their top technology spending priorities. The first goal is making the most of new technologies and trends, and the second is renovating the core of IT and making sure it is digital-ready.


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