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APAC Enterprises To Get Better Access To Cloud Computing via SingTel/Microsoft Collaboration

15/05/2014 by


A faster and more secure connection to Microsoft's Azure public cloud platform will soon be available to enterprises via SingTel's Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) virtual private network, the Singapore-based mobile operator has announced.

Until now businesses could only access Microsoft Azure via the Internet, but with the new collaboration between SingTel and Microsoft the public Internet can be bypassed as SingTel's MPLS network will directly integrate with the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service. The connection is said to offer more reliability, greater speeds and higher security as well as lower latencies.

Lee Han Kheng, vice president of Global Products at SingTel Group Enterprise, said that the operator's alliance with Microsoft will allow enterprises to safely connect to Microsoft Azure without the need for additional investments on their part. Thus enterprises will be able to access Microsoft's cloud computing infrastructure anywhere in Asia Pacific.

Steven Martin, general manager of Microsoft Azure for Microsoft, commented that cloud computing in the Asia Pacific region is advancing fast and many enterprises are seeking more control over cloud connections. The collaboration with SingTel will make access to cloud computing easier - APAC customers will be offered a more reliable and secure connectivity option, Martin pointed out.

The Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service will first be made available in the Singapore and Asia markets, allowing customers to establish private connections between Azure and on-premises environments.


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