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Do CIOs Hold The Key To Digital Innovation And Success?

22/04/2014 by Stuart Wilson


According to a survey by information technology research company Gartner, CEOs consider CIOs as best equipped to introduce a company's board and executives to the digital business world.

The survey, which was conducted among 410 senior business leaders in late 2013, indicates a trend for chief information officers in the UK to assume the position of digital leaders. Currently, the digital area seems to be managed in joint effort by the C-suite with a chief digital officer in charge here and there. However, the CDO position is yet to assert itself in the UK and many organisations rely on the CIO to control their IT budget, among other IT tasks.

Gartner vice president Mark Raskino expressed his concern over the survey's findings, saying that looking to the CIO as a major driving force for all things digital in an organisation is a sudden and major shift in expectation. While in the last decade CIOs have assumed the responsibilities of IT cost managers and service quality assurers, they have not taken the role of strong innovators or business strategists, he mused.

That said, Raskino also suggests that CIOs may be in a good position to spread knowledge and understanding across organisations as far as digital is concerned, as there is doubt over whether businesses truly understand what digital business means.

So while the CDO role is still gaining popularity in the UK, CIOs might be the ones to start educating companies about the changes technology can bring and the opportunities it creates.


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