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Singapore Leads In Hybrid Cloud Implementation In APAC

13/02/2014 by


Singapore and South Korea are leading the adoption of cloud computing in the APAC region, while Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia are lagging behind, according to a new report by EMC. The "Transforming IT Study" was conducted among EMC Forum attendees, most of whom are decision-makers in the IT field, in 47 cities worldwide.

The latest report shows that Singapore leads in terms of adoption of hybrid cloud services in the Asia-Pacific, while South Korea is ahead of its neighbours in terms of public and private cloud adoption. The rate of private cloud adoption there stands at 42% compared with 36% in Hong Kong, 30% in Malaysia and 26% in Australia. A surprise came from EMC Forum attendees in Singapore, where just 2% said they had adopted private cloud. Things are different when it comes to hybrid cloud, however, with an 82% rate of adoption in Singapore, followed by South Korea with 32%, Hong Kong on 23%, Australia with 16% and Malaysia with 12%.

The survey also looks into IT maturity in the region in terms of cloud, data centre automation, virtualisation of mission-critical applications and software defined data centre creation. As regards data centre automation, Malaysia was the most optimistic, with 89% of Forum attendees saying it will be essential over the next three years. The equivalent percentages were 83% for Singapore, 78% for South Korea, 73% for Hong Kong and 72% for Australia.

Singapore was ahead in virtualising mission-critical applications, with 100% of Forum attendees saying that this had been done at their organisations, while the rest of APAC was significantly behind: 42% for Malaysia, 38% for Australia, 35% for Hong Kong and 29% for South Korea.


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